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Welcome to Washington Square Veterinary Clinic

Pets play a vital role in our lives and our pets rely on us for everything. So choosing a veterinarian to provide the best health care for your pet is a big decision. You can rely on the Washington Square Veterinary Clinic for all of your pet’s health needs. We pride ourselves on having individualized pet care for dogs and cats, coupled with superior customer service. We continue to put you and your pet first. 

The best care for your pet requires thorough analysis, customized planning, and regular follow up. Along with your input, together we will craft a plan focused on your pet’s specific needs, then administer to those needs professionally, communicating with you at every turn. Our outstanding veterinarians and staff strive to exceed your pet care, communication, and customer service expectations six days a week.

To schedule your next appointment, call us at (707) 778-1011 or request online.

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World Rabies Day for Pet Owners

On World Rabies Day, observed on September 28th, the focus shifts to safeguarding both pets and humans from the grave dangers of rabies.

The disease, transmitted through bites, poses a serious threat to mammals, including pets, leading to behavioral changes, paralysis, and often fatal outcomes. Through vaccinations, responsible pet ownership, and swift action in case of exposure, pet owners play a crucial role in preventing the spread of rabies and ensuring a safer coexistence for all.

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